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About Fit to the Core


Certified Pilates &

Body Movement Specialist

Me… tonnes of experience, 20 years absorbing people…their bodies, their minds,  their wants/needs and goals.


I have helped people recover from injuries, childbirth and numerous operations.


I have managed clients with arthritis, osteoporosis and spinal degeneration.  


I have assisted clients struggling with menopause and general low self esteem.


I have worked on mobilisation and strength for specific sports related purposes, such as golf, skiing and football.


Years making endless mental notes becoming a sponge of knowledge, absorbing so much given by my clients.


Without them I wouldn’t be building this Pilates journey I've now embarked upon.

I design my Pilates programmes to guide you through this wellness journey demonstrating the highest quality of content in my classes.


I have spent years in fitness trying to find the right balance to suit a busy home and work lifestyle… not only to suit me but to suit anybody.


I aim to bring you all the benefits of wellbeing into YOUR  world where YOU have the freedom and control to manage YOUR own time, in YOUR own space.

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