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Fit To The Courses...

The Offering
8 Pilates sessions per month

4 sessions specifically designed so each one gives you a different focus on your needs:

Pilates Stretch.jpg

Stretch: The Bendy One

Elongate the body, change your body shape and enhance your flexibility by incorporating yoga style moves, all tied in to one core workout

Power: The Fiery One

Challenge your bodies capabilities by holding positions, then firing up fast movements to shock the muscles and create more power throughout, all driven from the core

Pilates Power.jpg
Pilates Strength.jpg

Strength: The Gritty One

Using a combination of free weights/resistance bands and body weight to increase muscle strength and tone, burn fat and help increase your metabolic rate by burning more calories at rest

Cardio: The Hearty One

A more high intensity workout to increase your fitness levels and an all over body workout. An effective ‘heart rate raiser’ workout by using repetitive and fast movements

Pilates Cardio.jpg
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