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Menopause. The bad cocktail that needs a good mix.

We know that menopause is portrayed as a bad cocktail of tasteless layers, that just gives a negative spin on this stage of a woman’s life – to give an idea of what I am talking about here are a few of the obvious…

- Uncontrolled Body Changes - Hormone imbalances - Stress - Low Moods - Weight gain - Hot flushes - Reduced bone density The Hidden devil Anxiety… this is an interesting point recently discussed with clients who have or are at the Menopausal stage. An uncontrollable yet controlling emotion…causing sleepless nights and unusual patterns of behaviour, emotions that are way out of character. And this links into that low mood, low self-esteem and low emotions that takes you away from being who you are. The devil goes to heaven SO… let us park those thoughts straight away and focus on positives. How you, as a woman layer your cocktail of thoughts driven from state of mind, it is your choice to decide how you take this journey. For starters, there are many things that can help this stage of life, but I am going to give you one EXTREMELY helpful and beneficial Pilates Programme that offers all the principal factors you need. “Pause for Pilates”

From my own point of view, the general overall goal of Pilates, whether male or female, of any age and fitness level is to improve physical and mental well-being. But the key importance of Pilates is everything is in a controlled and caring way. With this vital point made, it can therefore be the most effective way to help assist and reduce the negative impact the three stages of Menopause can have on you. Necessary benefits to your body: - Muscular Strength - Muscular Power - Mobility and stretch - Low (or high) levels of cardiovascular - Increase in metabolic rate - Increase bone density - Postural correction and maintenance - Boost of self esteem - Reduce anxiety and stress This programme will benefit absolutely anybody looking to take control of their wellbeing and fitness goals, but perfectly layered to target those negative sides of Menopause. It is all about listening to your mind and your body to find that balance and take it in your stride. Pilates is the perfect cocktail for you. WORK HARD STAY STRONG!

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